About Me:

I’m a Norwegian man in my thirties. I live in a small town with a varied topography and a rich biodiversity, which sparked a new-found appreciation for nature a few years back. I am undisclosed to most people, and choose to remain anonymous.

My Survivor Story (TRIGGER WARNING):

I was a victim of repeated sexual abuse by a number of neighbors, which I believe started at the age of 5, and ended at the age of 9. I was also sexually and emotionally abused by a relative from the age of 5 until the age of 15. I am still uncovering memories of trauma. A number of circumstances led to emotional neglect, and I continued to struggle with a dysfunctional family dynamic. As an adult, I have been subjected to multiple accounts of sexual harassment, which has triggered past trauma responses and toxic shame. I have successfully repressed several instances of recall, until my final one in 2018.

My Healing Journey Today:

My trauma history has in many ways destroyed my life, and in 2019 I ended up on disability. However, with peer support, talk therapy and by accumulating knowledge, I have started to improve my mental health. I have a genuine interest in psychology, and I am actively working with my therapist to research and identify models to incorporate in my treatment. I am currently most fascinated by Internal Family Systems (IFS) – to become better integrated, and Developmental Needs Meeting Strategy (DNMS) – to address specific problems. Another important part of my healing has been spending time in nature and exercising regularly. From time to time, I have used art as a way to process trauma related mental health issues. In addition to this, I try to be mindful of my own limitations by implementing The Spoon Theory in my daily life.

I also draw and paint. A selection of my work is available here.

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