About me:

My name is Emily, I am a lady with blue hair and two large dogs. I also have three cats and a husband. Hobbies include knitting, Warhammer, and whimsy. LGBTQIA+.

My survivor story (TRIGGER WARNING):

I have survived childhood sexual abuse, and am a victim of rape as an adult. My CSA abuser was acquitted, and my adult rape remains unreported to date.

My healing journey:

Diagnoses: PTSD with depression and anxiety, ADHD.

Therapies: multiple medications, often changing, EMDR, Talk Therapy.


This is my interview with a Dutch Activist about my experiences with Canadian court, family alienation, and then meanders into the separation of children from parents at the southern border of the USA.

Fun stuff

Class: Warlock

Level: 29


fæ/fær & she/her

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