Survivor Tough is a safe community for survivors. We are a peer support group at various stages of individual healing. We invite all adult survivors who practice vigorous and affirmative consent in relationships with other adults. No one person own the market on any type of trauma, nor on the ability to feel compassion for the pain and suffering experienced by someone else, but together we can help each other to heal as well as learn from each other.

If you are an adult survivor, you are not attracted to humans who cannot consent (such as children) and have not committed a sexual offense, you are welcome to join us, so please read on. You are among friends. By helping others we can help heal our own emotional wounds. This site offers access to our Safe Space, links to a variety of resources and a collection of creative works. Any questions please contact us.

** We have a new addition to the website! Inspirations, in our Creative Zone, is a space for statements and prose we have found that have just been amazing to read. We hope to add many more in the coming months.

Our next Twitter Chat is on Tuesday January 10th.

Isolation is a silent destroyer that takes many forms. How do we survive Isolation, whether self-inflicted or forced upon us? How do we make the connections that we so desperately need? Join us Tuesday January 10th at 3-4pm EST / 8-9pm Greenwich Mean Time on Twitter by tweeting #SurvivorTough. Hope to see you there. If you would like to contribute to the chat but are unable to attend or aren't comfortable sharing publicly,  you can DM the chat account @survivortough1 and we will will share your thoughts (anonymously if desired).
Our chat of January 3rd is available. We had a New Year Check-in to see how everyone was. Click here to access the discussion. If content does not load please turn of ad-blocking on your browser.

Our chats from 5/28/2019 are available in our Chat Archive.

Some content may trigger so please practice self care.


What we stand for

We believe that everyone, adult or child, has the right to bodily sovereignty. Nobody should be touched without their informed, enabled, enthusiastic consent. Someone who uses their power to overwhelm that sovereignty is an abuser, and a child can never consent. 

What we do

We are a group of adult sexual assault survivors and allies of all ages, backgrounds, genders, orientations (LGBTQIA+ friendly) and walks of life. We are on a journey toward healing from our sexual traumas, helping each other where we can.

How we Campaign

Through awareness and individual advocacy, we are fighting to make sure what was done to us does not happen to others in future. We each have areas of special interests based on our personal experiences.  Some of us are vocal and public advocates while others prefer to remain anonymous.  Advocacy is a personal thing. No one should feel pressured to share their story or advocate. We all have the same goals: awareness of sexual abuse in all forms, validation and support of survivors.


We host a chat on Twitter every Tuesday at 3pm EST, 8pm UK, noon PST. Feel free to join us by using the #survivortough hashtag. Also follow us using the @survivortough account.

We also maintain a private safe space on our Discord server. To join us, tweet to the @survivortough account or one of our team.

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Immediate Help


Please know that you are not alone. We have all been there.

If you think you are a threat to yourself or others right now, please call 911 in the US or Canada, 999 in the UK or the number for your emergency services in your country. Do it right now.

There are a number of resources which provide free crisis counseling. Here are just a few:

In the United States:

RAINN ( 800 656 4673

In the United Kingdom:

NAPAC ( 0808 801 0331

Rape Crisis England and Wales ( 0808 802 9999

Click here for a more comprehensive list of resources.