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12/31/2019: No chat this week

12/24/2019: No chat this week

12/17/2019 Seeking and accepting help

Help can be medication, aides, or resources from family, friends, or society, but accepting help can be a hurdle, and a risk.

12/10/2019: Executive Dysfunction

Executive dysfunction, the seemingly insurmountable inability to do -things-. It can be paralyzing, and very hard to recognize from the outside. Some people see it as laziness, but it really, truly isn't. These simple -things- are impossible.

12/3/2019: Managing Dissociation

Dissociation is any of a wide array of experiences from mild detachment from immediate surroundings to more severe detachment from physical and emotional experiences.

11/26/2019: Being a Survivor and Family Member

Today’s chat is an open conversation about family – and being part of one as a survivor. Feel free to tweet your thoughts with the hashtag.

11/19/2019: no chat this week

11/12/2019: Gaslighting

A term perhaps best explained by the film from which the phrase comes from. (IMDB summary follows) "The story of a man who psychologically drives his wife insane and she has a nervous breakdown."

11/5/2019: Coping with Anniversaries

How do you cope with anniversaries? Christmas holidays? Birthdays? Family gatherings? Please share your thoughts and experiences.

10/29/2019: Helping your Inner Child

Your inner child is the echo of the child you once were. We each have our own history and we have all been influenced by our environment, events and the significant people around us. Our inner child has stored those memories, and their impact upon us.

10/22/2019: Grief as a survivor

For some of us it is an impossible objective as our emotions froze over long ago. For others it is an uncontrolled beast charging through our life and dominating everything. Is there a happy medium?

10/15/2019: Appreciating safe touch

What is safe touch? How do we learn to let ourselves be touched by those we love, and enjoy it? Friendly, affectionate and sexual touch are all areas that can be difficult for survivors and/or people with PTSD/CPTSD.

10/8/2019: Stress and its effects on the body

Today's chat is about effects of stress on the body. Please share your experiences, both short and long term

10/1/2019: No chat this week

9/24/2019: Alienation, depersonalization and dysphoria

Today's topic is alienation, dysphoria, depersonalisation - generally feeling different from others, alien, that you don't belong in yourself or your surroundings.

9/17/2019: Achieving self-acceptance.

What is the most important thing on the path to self-acceptance?

9/10/2019: Learned Helplessness

The topic is "learned helplessness", which is "behaviour exhibited by someone after enduring repeated aversive stimuli beyond their control."

9/3/2019: Finding a Confidant

Welcome to our chat about finding a confidant to share our thoughts on dealing with trauma.

8/27/29: Abuse in the Family

Toxic stuff flows down the branches of a family tree. how do we cope with that?

8/20/2019: Self Care & Managing Triggers

Surviving is a LONG road. We do things to make it easier and to cope with the things that arise and upset us. How do we cope?

8/13/2019: Managing unhealthy behaviors

So many of us turn to short sighted measures the soothe us in times of stress. Smoking, binge eating, self isolating or lashing out- just a few of an array of behaviors that Survivors may turn to for comfort that have longer reaching consequences.  So- What to do?

8/6/2019: Coping with Disturbed Sleep

Welcome everyone. Today we talk about the world of sleep for us as survivor. It is a scary world for many - we cannot control where our mind goes once we fall asleep. What challenges have we faced, and how do we cope?

7/30/2019: Toxic relationships and escaping them

We're going into a thorny subject of distancing one's self from abusers & toxicity.

7/23/2019: Handling Abuse Stories in the Media

How do we cope with so much news of sexual violence? Do we hide from it, use it to heal or even leverage it for our own advocacy?

7/16/2019: What makes a good therapist?

Have you been to a or multiple therapist(s)? Please join the survivortough chat but using the survivor tough hashtag in your tweets. you may include other tags as applicable, of course.

7/9/2019: Boundaries

Boundaries: That word gets thrown around a lot - especially in circles where folks have been impacted by trauma. Specifically how to establish healthy boundaries, what "healthy" boundaries are, and being respected/ful of them.

7/2/2019: Denial of Abuse

"Today's topic is denial of abuse, or minimizing it. I still find myself minimizing my own abuse "it wasn't that bad", or denying it "it didn't really happen"."

6/18/2019: Abuse Survivor Shaming

"Today we cover the topic "victim shaming". It can overlap with victim blaming, but it also has it's own problems, especially shaming victims for how trauma has affected their lives and accusations of lying and attention seeking."

6/11/2019: Dealing with Medical Care

"Today we will talk about avoidance of medical care. Is this something you struggle with? Or maybe this is something you have been able to overcome? Please share your thoughts."

6/4/2019: Disclosing to Children

"Abuse survivors may experience a unique set of problems when they become parents. I'm starting the conversation with the question: should we disclose to our children? When?"

5/28/2019: Grief.

"Our topic is grief. Most abuse survivors experience psychosocial losses resulting from the traumas. These losses include loss of childhood, loss of innocence, loss of self-esteem, loss of personal power, loss of self, and etc."

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