This page holds an archive of links to chats held in 2020.

12/29/2020: Surviving the Holidays #3

12/22/2020: Surviving the Holidays #2

12/15/2020: Surviving the Holidays

We share our joys, struggles and tips for getting through the holiday season.

12/8/2020: Coping with Loneliness

How are we coping with the challenges of loneliness and isolation as the pandemic continues?

11/24/2020: Confronting Fear

Are you fearless, fearful, or somewhere in between? How do you manage a preoccupation with risk, or do you throw caution to the wind as a rule?

11/17/2020: Channeling Anger

How does it help our healing to express this (often negatively portrayed) emotion?

11/10/2020: Accepting Joy

Joy can be hard for survivors- because hyper vigilance, depression, and feelings related to worth. How can we let positive feelings in when there really is something to celebrate?

11/3/2020: free-form chat this week (no topic)

10/27/2020: Desensitizing hyper-vigilance

Emotional regulation (gentler coping strategies for Safe[r] Situations.) Have you ever taken your trauma out on an innocent, unrelated bystander?

10/20/2020: Our Relationship with Dreams

What do dreams mean to us, our trauma and healing?

10/13/2020: No chat this week

10/6/2020: Food, Trauma and Healing

There is a prevalence of disordered eating among the Survivor community-- how do we manage food triggers, venting, and solidarity?

9/29/2020 Asking for Help from a Professional

Needing, seeking, avoiding, embracing, requesting, doubting ..... verbs that often go together when we think about professional help on our survivor journeys...

9/23/2020: Part 2 - Controversial Artists and their Works

Can the art be separated from the artist?

9/22/2020 Works of Fiction and Survivorship part 1

Looked at a work of fiction... and seen yourself?

9/15/2020: Advocacy and Survivorship

Do we dive in, or wait for a solid place in our own recovery? When does activism help healing? What are helpful boundaries?

9/8/2020: Experiencing Dissociation

This topic has so many different experiences within it. And all are valid.

9/1/2020: Meanings of Words such as C-PTSD and Trigger

We discussed the casual use of the terms "triggered" and "PTSD", and what it means to survivors.

8/25/2020 Collective Trauma.

Collective trauma. Experiencing it, recognizing it and responding to it.

8/18/2020: Part 2 Healing & Spirituality

8/11/2020: Healing and Spirituality

Whatever your thoughts on there being "something more" ... we would love to hear about it.

8/4/2020: no chat this week

7/28/2020: Survivorship and Self-Validation

How often do we look in the mirror and give that person a compliment?

7/14/2020: Trauma, Connection and Intimacy part 1

7/21/2020: Trauma, Connection and Intimacy part 2

We spent 2 weeks unpacking emotional attachments that stem from trauma.

7/7/2020: Survivorship and Grief

We discussed the complexities of grief for survivors. How do we cope with loss when we are coping with trauma?

6/30/2020: Imagery and Healing

Imagery in terms of healing. Feel free to share or describe a mental image, art, photo or meme that you find meaningful!

6/23/2020: Calming a Busy Mind

If your mind - or inner child - is trashing the joint .. how do you calm him?

6/16/2020: MH professional help during covid

We discussed how this pandemic is affecting our access to health care including mental health providers.

6/9/2020: Celebrating LGBT survivors part 2

6/2/2020: Celebrating LGBT survivors part 1

How do we embrace gender and orientation diversity as survivors, and separate trauma impacts from what we naturally are?

Due to a problem with Twitter shadowbanning this chat was abandoned part way through on 6/2. It was completed on 6/9.

5/26/2020: Survivorship and Creativity

Have you found a way to express how you feel as a survivor by creating something? Or being inspired by the work of someone else?

5/19/2020: Relationships and the Lockdown

We discussed how lockdowns will impact our human relationships as survivors

5/12/2020: The importance of routine to survivors

Our chat this week explores how the clock, calendar and recurring tasks helps survivors

5/5/2020: No chat this week.

4/28/2020: Survivors and Publicity

How do we cope with, and make others (especially in the media) understand, that WE are not the problem?

4/21/2020: Stereotypes & Stigma

The damage done by how survivors are stereotyped goes very deep, whether or not the trauma is publicly known. How do we cope with, and make others understand, that WE are not the problem?

4/14/2020: Boundaries in Relationships

We survivors have needs that run deep. But not always the ability to healthily manage our responses to others, or communicate our needs.

4/7/2020: Fear of Relationships

One many of us survivors share. How do we overcome this fear of intimacy?

3/31/2020: Managing Covid News Intake

How do we ration it, so we defend our mental health while staying safe from this scourge.

3/24/2020: Managing Feelings

Feelings can be easily mistaken for illness and other physical symptoms. How to separate a headache from being unhappy?

3/17/2020: Managing Negative Thoughts

Survivors spend a lifetime unlearning negativity. How do we continue to do that when the world suddenly goes negative?

3/10/2020: Sleep and Sleeplessness

A lack of sleep can have negative consequences on many aspects of your life including your mood. We will discussing the importance of sleep.

3/3/2020: The role of structure in healing

Today's topic is structure in everyday life. Why? How? What is your thoughts on the topic?

2/25/2020: Our Relationship with our Bodies

I did not listen to my body for most of my life. I have started listening, but I have no idea what it is saying most of the time, or why it is saying it. Do you understand the language of your body?

2/18/2020: Mindfulness and Grounding

A few days ago I had a panic attack while driving. A survivor helped me recover using grounding techniques. What techniques work for you?

2/11/2020: Dissociation and Managing It

Dissociation can be a wondrous defense against the moment of acute pain, and a terrible loss of control when we are triggered afterwards. How do we cope?

2/4/2020: Managing Triggers

Identifying, managing, and controlling triggers and our responses. Open to Survivors of trauma and our loved ones

1/28/2020: Confronting Procrastination

What are your experiences with pushing things off? How do you combat it & get things done?!

1/21/2020: The Window of Tolerance

The windows is where we want to be. Too high & we experience anger, agitation. Too low, we risk numbness & shut down.

1/14/2020: Fighting Loneliness.

The chat was about making connections, to combat isolation & loneliness.

1/7/2020: Cultivating healthy habits

This first chat of 2020 will be about forming & maintaining healthy habits in this fresh new year

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