These four pieces were contributed by Survivortough member Jela who is on Twitter here. These are highly evocative as an expression of Jela's pain and negative feelings of self worth as a result of her trauma. These will be triggering for some readers and carry a **trigger warning**. 

Jela wrote the following comments to accompany the piece below. This will be triggering for some readers and carries a **trigger warning**.

"What this picture tells is my father was an evil man he brutally punished me by tying me to a tree with vines that had thorns on them he would put me  out there at my bedtime and he wouldn't allow me free until the morning. The dog that's over the fence you see his paws and his face. I wouldn't see him all night; he greeted me when I first came out and then I would see him in the morning. My mother would usually be the one to untie me in the morning this for me would be a memory of a deserving punishment. When you look at the bottom right it is a picture of a roach they would pour into my yard from the neighbor's house and unfortunately as a child I was forced to eat them because I was not fed. The dark sky means night hours everything that was tormenting to me would be in the night. I lived in a cold climate so most of the time I would be tied to the tree unclothed bleeding I often spoke to the moon at night asking it " moon no one is coming to save me are they?"

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