Secretly Surviving is an anonymous UK-based survivor and SurvivorTough member. Her twitter account is @secretlySurviv1 and her bio is available here.


"I've Got You" is a message of hope and strength for all survivors.  "Darker Days" speaks to how we manage the horror in our memories. "Another Year" is a survivor story written in rhyme, speaking to courage emerging from the trauma and neglect of the upbringing. "Love me Please" speaks to a little girl's most basic need of a parent. "Enough" is an expression of anger to the abuser. "I'm fine" - the lie survivors routinely tell themselves and others as a way of coping. "Not my Place" speaks to the damage done by an enabler who stays silent. "Survivor's Home for Christmas" shows how cruel the happiness witnessed by survivors in others at holiday time can be.

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